Monday, November 21, 2011

Welcome to Booklashed!

I am entering the world of reviewing my author choices and their literary contributions! I intend to do a posting on books which have moved me, stayed with me and impacted how I see myself and  my life. This is not a reviewing blog , because I generally read 4 books at a time and somehow end up finishing them all within the same week.. so no!!

I will start with a book, that I read once and love eternally and have not had the courage to pick it up again for a re-read, for fear that it will consume me once more and not let go...

I truly was enveloped by this story of a woman dealing with the loss of her husband, a writer of truly horror stories.. Stephen King proved his worth in this story which made me scared to put the lights out and pull the covers over my head at night. I love knowing that the words on a page can come to life so vividly in my mind and stay there.

I am intending to re-read this once I have a few days of uninterrupted time in December. But I know what it felt like reading this the first time. It made me cry, laugh and sit still in fear so incredibly that when I think of the story I am almost brought to tears. It is a story of love, insanity, worlds beyond our knowledge, fear and strength.

I love King for writing this story....I know that his soul speaks to me as it does to all his Constant Readers


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