Monday, July 9, 2012

Books for Life .... Stephen King

These are my 4 King must reads 


 A teenage boy gets is first car and it is his first love, but first love can be devastating if travelled down the road of obsession and  no return. It is  a true story of teenage angst and the cool factor. When I read it I was driving for a while and the story brought back memories of when I got my first car and that feeling of freedom and independence. I think it is a coming of age story which is essential reading for first time car owners. It is a long novel but so worth it as the story integrates itself into your psyche and experience of driving.

From a Buick 8: 

This story from King was interesting as it somehow seemed ‘ un-King’ to me. I think I need to re-read it.  I am not sure what it was but the car concept did done for me in Christine. I might not have been in the right frame of mind when I started the book.

The Shining :

 This is probably one of the most recognised King novels, due to the Jack Nicholson movie and the creepy little kid whose face was so perfectly innocent at the beginning of the story. I read the book before watching the movie and they did match up quite nicely.  The actual novel is one of only a few which had me reading into the late hours of the night just to get to a non-scary part before bedtime.  It is a quintessential King novel for any fan, to own and re-read when needing a shift back into classic King.


The first novel from King that was published. I had watched the original movie with Sissy Spaceck  and it was also peppered with a quite entertaining performance from John Travolta. I loved the movie and was intrigued into reading the book.  It is a short novel dealing with the simple idea that  a bullied outcast young girl has telekinetic powers which get better and stronger the more angry and put down she gets.  I loved simplicity of his language in this story and how he somehow managed to get into the mind of a young teenage girl. It fascinates me how he manages to get into the various characters minds and so convincingly speaks from their point of view. This book was the beginning of the King takeover and worthy of being a book to read at least once in your life. It will take you an afternoon , 3 cups of coffee and some finger snacks. You will not regret it. Also look out for the movie remake starring Chloe Moretz.

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